Hardwood Floor Installation

One of the best benefits hardwood has to offer over carpet is its durability. Instead of needing to be replaced every few years, hardwood (when installed correctly and professionally) can last for a lifetime. They increase the overall value of a home and are easy to style in different ways – basically, hardwood flooring is universally appealing. The materials, equipment, and tools used (along with the expertise of the installation company) are what set the groundwork for a lifetime hardwood flooring. When any aspect of the installation process is lacking or using subpar materials, the integrity of the hardwood is compromised.

With that being said, the Dan’s Custom Floors team knows exactly how important it is to you that the hard-earned money you spent on your flooring is not wasted after a few years – which is why we offer the most dedicated, reliable, and efficient hardwood installation service in Boston. Each of our employees go through specific training on the best practices to ensure the longevity of our installations. Additionally, we adhere strictly to the National Wood Flooring Association’s standards for the safest protocols for our team. As a local business with extensive industry knowledge on hardwood installations, we are your Boston experts.


We strive to fulfill if not exceed every single one of our customers expectations of us. What that means is that we promise a clean worksite, tight installation, the use of quality glue only where needed, and perfectly cut edges around the room of installation. With that being said, each of the steps we take to provide quality installations in Boston are guided by NWFA regulations for the safest and conscious use of all our materials and equipment. Our employees work collaboratively with you to minimize the disruption to your home life, and work to get the installation done quickly while never cutting corners.

Additionally, our employees are extremely conscious of the amount of dust they create and, if needed, will utilize our specialty dustless vacuum system in order to get rid of up to 99% of the dust created in the process. When you have any questions about the techniques or methods we use, any of our team members will be able to answer and explain the full process. When we are in your home, you are the boss – and that means the installation is completed up to your specifications and needs.

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The Hardwood Installation Process

At Dan’s Custom Hardwood Flooring, we want our customers to fully understand all the steps that go into their installation because each of them is completed with the utmost care by our employees. When we prepare a bid for a customer in Boston, we put a lot of thought and effort into it. This step includes our visit to your home to properly account for the materials we’ll need along with any specialty equipment. We will provide a variety of hardwood options for our customers to choose from, and work with them to establish which one is the perfect fit for them and their family while incorporating their budget limits.

After an agreed bid, we work in a two-week waiting period for your hardwood to acclimate, and then schedule a time for installation. On the first day of installation, our friendly team members will walk with you through the project site to go over any last-minute concerns you may have. From there, we go through our high-quality installation process to ensure your lifetime hardwood floors. At any time, you are more than welcome to ask us questions while we install your hardwood so that you feel as comfortable as possible with our work. Once our installation is complete after 3 to 5 days, we go through one last walk through with you to confirm your exact specifications have been followed.

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Different Options for Hardwoods

Although there are many options to choose from in terms of hardwood flooring, Dan’s Custom Floors tends to recommend a domestic choice because they are safer and much more stable than exotic hardwoods. While you can choose virtually any domestic hardwood that fits within your budget, we often see a common trend of walnut, hickory, maple, white oak, and red oak in Boston.

Hickory is extremely durable with a plethora of color variety and patterns within the wood and is a wonderful option for anyone with pets. On the other hand, walnut is often better suited in homes without kids or pets as it tends to be a fairly soft wood and can scratch easily, although its beautiful color is appealing to many. Those that like to switch up their furnishings often will find that maple suits them well because it can match many types of styles. Oaks are beneficial for those looking for an option that hides debris and minimal scratching (although white oak is slightly stronger than red oak). No matter what option you are looking for, Dan’s Custom Floors can install it for you for a lifetime of enjoyment!

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Why We Are the Best Boston Hardwood Installation Company

As a well-established small business in the Boston community, we are known for our tried and true processes of installation and refinishing hardwood flooring. Our employees go through continuous education in order to constantly be learning the next best practices for our customers. Because we want our customers to trust us for all of their flooring needs, our installation strategies are provided in a transparent way so that our customers always know they can come to us with questions.

We are confident in our ability to bring your dream flooring vision to life! With years of experience in the hardwood industry, we know the best practices combined with the right tools and equipment is a recipe for success. We will never push you into a sale, and always provide the pros and cons of each option we offer to better explain your choices. We want the process of getting a new floor to be enjoyable for you, not a lengthy decision to stress about! Dan’s Custom Floors works with you to establish your needs, wants, and style guide to determine the perfect hardwood selection and installation process for your home.

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