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Dan’s Custom Hardwood Flooring in Duxbury

Installation & Refinishing

Dan’s custom hardwood flooring offers flooring craftsman services to Duxbury, Massachusetts. Duxbury is one of the areas Dan’s proudly services. Offering both hardwood installation and refinishing services. Hardwood is a classic addition to your home and can overhaul the look and feel of your home. We would love to chat with your about how we can refinish your hardwood flooring or add additional hardwood to your home. Our team is skilled in matching hardwood flooring to allow seamless integration of new wood flooring.

Dan’s custom hardwood flooring includes both refinishing and installation services. Refinishing hardwood is a common way to revitalize your flooring and give it a improved beautiful look. Hiring the right refinisher for your floor is  vital to ensuring the job is done properly and beautifully. When you are having your hardwood flooring refinished there are certain steps and procedure necessary to ensure your floor last years to come.

Our company has been working in South Shore Massachusetts for many years and have created a great reputation for themselves. Dan’s custom hardwood flooring is the perfect option for your installation, refinishing and hardwood flooring expansion.